B2, a coffee shop located in the heart of San Pedro Square Market in downtown San Jose (DTSJ) has been my go-to spot since I have started at SJSU. This little coffee shop is second to the original cafe in Santa Clara called Bellano. Hence, the 2 in the name. If I am not at school or at home, you will most likely find me at this spot sipping on a hot or iced vanilla latte while working away at the massive amounts of school work I have. B2 serves KickBack coffee which Bellano sources and roasts batch by batch. Their menu is short and simple, offering most popular drinks like espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, latte, vanilla latte, mocha, americano, cold brew, and a few non-coffee beverages like tea, chai, and hot chocolate. This spot is not only great for their coffee but offers an open space inside and outside with plenty of chairs and tables to study or do work from. Most San Joseans would consider this cafe to be fairly hipster with its colored metal stools and chairs and rustic walls. Not to mention, the amount of cool people with serious style that grace the floors of this cafe.  If you happen to be in downtown San Jose and are in need of an energy boost, count on B2 to wake you up.