Thanks for popping over to my blog. Here you will find a bunch of content relating to coffee, coffee shops, and the culture that this amazing beverage has cultivated. My name is Arabela and I am no coffee expert but I sure am an avid coffee drinker. Although I drink coffee every day, I surprisingly have not gotten around to learning about the different types of coffee, how to make coffee, and the different processes in which you can make it. This blog will be dedicated to my journey in discovering some new things about this beloved drink while sharing with you all some of my favorite places to get some coffee. Coffee culture revolves around all things involving coffee from the drink itself to the coffee shops that sell them. It is an experience that starts with the moment you enter a cafe, the ambiance and decor of the place, and the people and regulars you may encounter while getting your drink. I am no writer but I will try to be interesting with a dash of humor. Also, stick around for some great coffee photography.