I cannot talk about the positives without talking about the negatives. Although coffee may be good for you, too much of something is never a good idea. When drinking coffee, one must drink in moderation. 1-5 cups of coffee is considered to be the recommended maximum amount but of course some people like to test their limits and that usually yields bad results. Coffee can indeed kill you. If you consume an unhealthy amount of coffee in a short period of time, the intake of caffeine becomes lethal. Another huge negative about consuming this drink is that bad coffee can be toxic. If not made right or if the kind of coffee you are drinking isn’t of high quality, you are more likely to end up with a really fat headache, a sick stomach and an unhealthy feeling overall. Drinking coffee can also lead to restlessness and insomnia. Too much coffee can keep you up and lead you to developing unhealthy sleeping habits. One of the more obvious negative effects is that you are likely to ruin your teeth and staining them. Last, but not least, coffee is at the end of the day a drug. People can and will get addicted. That is not to say that they are not ok with that. (I do not mind being addicted, haha!) However, not having your morning cup of joe can have some serious withdrawals from headaches to a sick stomach. Moderation is key, people.


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