All For The ‘Gram

If you are anything like me, you probably have to snap a shot of your coffee before you actually get to drinking it. Yes, I am that person that just may stand up on a chair to get a cool shot. My friends are always embarrassed but my fellow creatives know that getting the right image requires a bit of work. Whether you are standing on a chair or you rearrange the items on your table to make it more eye-catching, it all must be done for the ‘gram (Instagram). Now I know that not everyone has a great eye or vision when it comes to those pretty latte pictures or cappuccinos but here is where I can guide you in the right direction. Here are just a few of the obvious tips for getting that lovely photo.

Tip #1: Crop it

There is just something so interesting and visually appealing when the edges of a table or a coffee cup is cropped outside of the square. It creates tension and it looks darn good.


Tip #2: Props are your friends

Find those interesting objects to accompany your coffee. This could be as simple as a plant or a notebook. Props create a fun story and provide a more interesting image than just a simple coffee shot.


Tip #3: Isolate and embrace

Sometimes you just need to isolate your coffee and embrace the negative space surrounding it. Go for the minimal look and you can never go wrong.




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