Coffee Shop Vibes

Seriously, it is a real thing. It is even a hashtag. Go ahead, look it up for yourself. Personally, I hate the coined phrase. It has gotten so overused nowadays. I prefer the term cafe decor or maybe even coffee shop decor. It sounds less basic. Anyway, cafe decor is personally important to me. Now I do not mean to say that the way the coffee shop is designed and decorated overrules the quality of the coffee. All I mean is that the cafe decor is part of the reason I frequent the coffee shops that I do. The quality of the coffee must obviously be there for me to go to any cafe at all but it is the experience I get and the look of the place that makes me come back again and again. This experience is a combination of the coffee, the interior design, the lighting, the type of people who visit, and the overall ambiance of the place. Sure, I may still visit an ugly and badly designed shop that serves exquisite coffee but there is a higher chance that you will find me a coffee shop that not only serves amazing coffee but also has the design and look to back it up.

Here are some quick shots of some of the beautiful cafes I have encountered. Featured coffee shops: Stable Cafe, Front Cafe, and Blue Bottle Coffee.


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