Sweet & Creamy Please!

Like I have previously stated before, I do not necessarily know a lot about coffee. I just happen to love drinking it and prefer it to be sweet. I tend to go for the lattes because I am a sucker for a nice, creamy drink. I am not a big fan of bitter-tasting things so the more milk and sugar, the better. Like many people, I love my cold drinks during the summer. An iced vanilla latte is my go to but if I need an extra kick, I will have myself a cold brew. During those fall and winter seasons, I prefer just a good old warm latte. If I am feeling adventurous, I will order a mocha or perhaps a matcha green latte. And yes, I do make sure to post my drinks on Instagram. I always love giving a shout out to any of our local coffee shops. In fact, I make it my duty to make sure I do so. I know if I owned a cafe, I would absolutely love sifting through the images of people who frequent my shop. It is especially heartwarming when a barista remembers your order and I am sure the feeling is mutual for the barista. I am not entirely sure where this blog post is going but it is looking like a stream of consciousness and I am okay with that.



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