Voltaire Coffee House

This great coffee shop is located on Market street in DTSJ and its name came from an 18th-century French philosopher. His name was François-Marie Arouet but was more commonly known as Voltaire. He was well known for drinking coffee over 50 times per day. Please do not try this people, it is extremely dangerous. Anyway, this coffee shop offers visitors a nice space with high ceilings and large windows that let enormous amounts of natural light in. Often times, customers will be greeted with an irresistible scent of coffee because Voltaire actually roasts all their beans on site. The coffeehouse offers its guests a variety of classic drinks to some specialty beverages like their Spanish latte. Visitors can also indulge in some of their snacks. If you are feeling something savory, try one of their bagel sandwiches. Something sweet? Go for one of their delicious waffles that will easily pair with any drink. You cannot go to Voltaire without trying some of their iced delights like their iced matcha latte or mocha latte. Both are exquisite and perfect for those warm days.


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