I hate to say it, but I am currently sitting at Starbucks. Now I know that most of what I have been talking about in my blogs and have preached about would make it seem like I would never step foot in some coffee corporation like Starbucks. This is not true. I too, was once a teenager that was giddy about getting my strawberries and creme frappe after school on a hot day. And yes, I was obsessed with wearing Hollister back then. Oh boy, never again! Like other phases in your life, you grow out of it, much like I grew out of Starbucks. As I sit here with my shitty iced latte, I am reminded of why I do not come here like I used to. My friend invited me to come meet him here to study and well I did not want to say no and I do not know of any other coffee shop that is open as late as this particular one. I agreed. However, I am starting to regret that decision. Not the hanging-out-and-studying-with-my-friend decision but going to Starbucks. They have crappy coffee that does not compare to the specialty coffee I get from my local coffee shop. There is just something so great about being able to go to my local cafe and get to know the owner and the baristas that are likely to be there for years instead of a few months like at Starbucks. By heading over to your local coffee shop, you are helping support that cafe owner and their dreams. Go to Starbucks and all you are doing is giving your money to a corporation.



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