Work Work Work Work Work

I may or may not have been listening to Rihanna as I began to think about this blog post. What kind of work are we talking about? Any kind! We are talking about professional work, school work, and any other work that you can think of that requires a bit of focus and creativity. Most work requires some sort of energy and if you are like me, you know that having coffee is crucial to letting you get shit done, especially when you have millions of things to get done. However, let us go beyond just having our coffee to wake us up and get our workflow going. Did you know that working at an actual coffee shop can actually be a little more productive than when trying to do your work in your office or at home? It also helps get your creative juices flowing. According to a peer-reviewed study out of the University of Chicago, working at a cafe where there is a moderate level of ambient noise can help with creativity. That is because the noise of espressos being made, slight chair shuffles and low chatter all help in creating the perfect ambient noise to work in. If you are sitting in complete silence in a small office, you would think that you would get more done. However, the ambient noise helps people to be semi-distracted which in turn helps people come up with brilliant ideas. Next time you need an a-ha moment, be sure to head to your local coffee shop.



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