50 Shades of Coffee

This photo series was taken by none other than muah a few years back for a photography class. Below you will find an artist statement that accompanied the series.

“Having never written an artist statement, it is important to know that photography is primarily the reason why I choose to express myself visually over written material. They express more quickly what I cannot in words. I am constantly snapping away the things I am surrounded by to better understand myself and to clue in others around me. My photographs are more often than not, reflections of different aspects of my personal life.

In this body of work I chose to explore something that is prevalent to not only my own but many of our lives; coffee. It is a social invitation, the brewing of business ideas and the drink that helps college students survive all-nighters. We drink it daily in order to get us going in the morning but it is hard for many of us to believe the idea that coffee is actually taking over our lives. For many of us, it runs through our veins and often times we find it difficult to picture our lives without it.

I was strongly influenced by my own love for the beverage and the wonderful things it does for me when I cannot seem to get through the day. However, too much of something is not always the best for the mind or body. While coffee allows us to essentially open our eyes and wake up, it also deprives many of us of the sleep we need. Much like any other drug addiction, the caffeine keeps us coming back and we have no other choice but to abide if we want to make it through our day. In order to show this in pictures, I made the decision of exaggerating the amount of coffee cups and focusing on the expressions of my model as the drink takes over. I hope to evoke feelings of addiction and attachment while procuring everyone to appreciate coffee in moderation.”

-Arabela Espinoza (2014)


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