Interior Design

Interior design plays a huge role when it comes to a cafe or a coffee shop. The way a coffee shop is designed is extremely important and should be an integral part of the process when opening up your own cafe. The space, the decor and the ambiance will all be a part of the experience for a visitor. A space that is beautifully designed and decorated will likely be more frequented by visitors and will certainly get a lot more buzz on social media. Coffee shops should feel cozy and have a warmth atmosphere that guests will enjoy whether they are meeting their friends for coffee or studying away for midterms. Attracting customers to a cafe will be much easier if the look and feel of the coffee shop is beautiful and pleasant. There are various types of decor that suit all kinds of different areas whether coffee shop owners go for a rustic and vintage look or a modern, minimal style. Whichever look they may end up going with, they have to make sure that everything is cohesive from the lighting to the fixtures and small accents. It is all in the details my friends.

Here is one of my favorite coffee shops in the city that has some fantastic decor. Stable Cafe is a coffee shop in San Francisco that was previously a carriage house and the architecture certainly reflects that history.